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Sellers, Buyers, Potential Employees, and Investors - BEWARE

The confidence men pictured below are the Rogues' Gallery of swindlers who are pulling off one of the greatest scams in British history. We might even see them in Wikipedia's 21st Century List of Con Artists.

They probably have those smirks on their faces because they are sitting on piles of money that an ethical person would pay to:

  • Home sellers who believed bullshit ads and were tricked into signing an instruction only to find themselves without a sale and now have debt collectors chasing them for unearned instruction fees.

  • Good men and women who believed lies about the great money they could make as a Local Property Expert only to end up deep in debt after working long hours seven days a week.

  • Employees who were recruited with the promise of growth and financial reward only to find they were overworked, poorly paid, and had to work in a homophobic, racist, misogynistic environment.

  • Mom and pop investors who used their savings to buy Purplebricks stock based on the lies of management only to find their investment fell almost 90% in value.

  • Institutional investors.

Paul Pindar

Non-Executive Chairman

Vic Darvey

Chief Executive Officer

James Davies

Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Blair

Independent Non-Executive Director

Simon Dowling

Independent Non-Executive Director

Dr. Andreas Wiele

Non-Executive Director

Mike Wroe

Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

This management team is known by the company they keep. Until recently they were in bed with Neil Woodford of Woodford Investments who is now the scourge of “The City” for not allowing investors to redeem their investments. Purplebricks is commonly mentioned in the same breath as Woodford.

I always thought Axel Springer SE had a good reputation but now Andreas Wiele, a company bigshot, is involved in corrupt Purplebricks. Remember Andreas, you are known by the company you keep! What would the University of Salzburg think of this graduate now?

How soon will these confidence men leave with sacks of money just like Michael and Kenny Bruce did?

I have hundreds of emails, photos, and other documents sent to me by former employees, clients, and others that make the above points over and over! There is a wave of anger left by Purplebricks!

While I have lost $62,000 USD, or 50,000 GBP, as a publisher and investigative reporter, I feel an obligation to inform consumers about corrupt companies. This management team has never shown any interest in doing the right thing by me or anyone else. Don’t be their next victim!

About Purplebricks Agents

U. K. Home Sellers Beware of Purplebricks!

Even though Purplebricks is closing their US office, they are still making life very difficult for home sellers who signed an instruction with PB. Multiple Realtors, formerly with Purplebricks, have written to me advising that Mitch Stever, PB's Designated Officer in California, is not releasing any instructions to home sellers despite everyone wanting to cancel their instructions. Can you imagine that you want to sell your home and now you are in limbo because you cannot hire another Realtor until Purplebricks releases you from your instruction contract? What bastards! They won't last long in Canada or the U.K. with their business practices. Don't be caught in their web of incompetence. Monday, July 8 is the last day for most people in the US office.

Idiot Salesperson!

While most salespeople in the US at PB are hardworking people who have been left with a lot of debt, there are some idiots like the salesperson who lied to me. He got a swelled head, thought he should be driving a Maserati, and a few months later he was begging head office for a $6,000 draw against future payments. I have seen the email he sent to other salespeople asking if they got a draw yet when his was slow in coming. This is the same goof that was rolling around drunk with an LBP at a staff party (I've got photos)! Yikes. And, I, a trusting home seller, am the one with a $62,000 US loss. Meanwhile spitting on all of us are the Bruce brothers who walked away with millions of dollars.

British Olympic Association and Purplebricks - the Next Scandal?

Cocaine, homophobia, racist acts and now RAPE allegations.

Editorial Opinion -

PB employees and former customers are writing and calling me expressing total disgust at the Olympics 2020 in Japan being associated with the corrupt Purplebricks!

"Gag me!!" one employee wrote. A former customer wrote, "Those fuckers at Purplebricks screwed me over really good. They are swindlers. Doesn't the Olympics check out their sponsors? Purplebricks is the most corrupt bunch of cheats I have ever encountered!" Another writes, "These bastards ripped me off, did nothing, and sent me to collections for a fee they did not earn. Essentially, they are using my money to look like bigshot Olympics supporters.

I agree with everyone. I was screwed out of $62,000 by Purplebricks with their lies. It is great that both the lying rip-off artists Kenny and Michael Bruce are now gone, but the new management has a lot of clean-up to do. They think they can now enjoy their ill-gotten wealth but thousands of us know what corrupt assholes they really are. They will probably find themselves in prison one day.

Hey Tim Ellerton and the British Olympic Association - watch your reputation and the ilk you associate with. I have documentary evidence of in-office cocaine use witnessed by Purplebricks management; homophobic comments by management; racist comments and behavior by management; financial fraud; cheating of employees; cheating of governments; and now allegations of RAPE by a senior Purplebricks person complete with the victim's name. Although the employee is now in therapy I have encouraged her colleagues to have the victim make a police report.

Watch for more about Purplebricks' new Public Relations firm WEBER SHANDWICK and their role in promoting Purplebricks and the Olympics 2020 Japan. I will be keeping all of you advised of any spin they put on this corrupt business which has been built on misleading customers.

Cocaine, Alcohol, Homophobic Comments

Home sellers in the UK should do their research before trusting Purplebricks with the sale of their home!

So should Media Giant Alex Springer, Equity Fund Francisco Brothers and others considering a takeover of this disaster of a company.

Home Sellers have spoken… PB Australia is Gone; PB USA is staggering from resignations, firings and lawsuits; PB Canada is in Judge Platt's court with authorities OACIQ and FCIQ; and Purplebricks UK is probably next into the sewer!

As investigative journalists, we know the importance of having multiple sources to corroborate serious allegations made by ex-staff and current staff. We have carefully checked multiple sources to ensure the allegations received in emails and phone calls are true. A few of the reports, with photos, we have received and verified include:

  • Management team has been known to take copious amounts of cocaine

  • At Purplebricks conferences baggies of coke are rife in the toilets

  • Management tolerates racist comments and performances

  • Managers, with multiple offences, drive company cars without a driver’s license

  • Management personnel has little or no estate agency experience

  • Inexperienced employees, without management direction, are making decision affecting home sellers

  • Alcohol is openly consumed, including champagne sprays, both in and out of the office

  • Management gangs up with office bullies who intimidate staff with homophobic comments

  • Consumer complaints are intentionally being ignored despite a complaints policy.

This last allegation comes as no surprise to me, the publisher of this website. I made many attempts to have the swindle which victimized me corrected by Purplebricks - all to deafening silence.

Click here for a recent email from an employee who was a victim of intimidation at Purplebricks head office!

Attn: IRS and Immigration

Kenny Bruce illegally had his retired in-laws, Colin and Jenny Hough, on Purplebricks payroll for over a year while they looked after his child. They were paid thousands of dollars to babysit! And, the company got the deduction so they could pay less tax! They cheated Purplebricks investors, customers, employees and even the US government! Click here for more atrocities.

Tom "TeeJ" Kirk: This boy's face is the look of ego at another's stress and expense! One wonders if mummy and daddy are proud of their little boy.

Which Purplebricks Employee Drives This Car?

Home sellers should consider the ethics and morality of the people who want to get a listing.

Multiple pissed off employees have sent photos of cars driven by PB bigshots.

This may be the worst case of management living like ostentatious wallowing pigs while some salespeople are borrowing to pay their bills. Tom Kirk, California State Director, also known as TeeJ Kirk, or “marblemouth”, decided to get a vanity plate for his car to reflect his oversize ego. Tom will learn that treating your clients and employees like shit so you can live like a fat-cat will be a temporary high. A life of excess is a life of weakness and devoid of meaning.

Reports from PB employees are that Tom’s salary is $160,000 year plus a $75,000 bonus. Thanks Tom for being part of PB which cost this journalist $62,000 and many other sellers much more! Click here to see an email from a former PB salesperson.

Phil Felice, New US CEO
Can Phil turn PB’s sinking ship?
Each of Phil’s last three jobs were for only 2 years!
How many listings will his salespeople
need to get to pay his salary?

Stephanie Walker
Head of Recruitment
Motto should be: "Always Hiring, Always Leaving"
"No matter how many she recruits,
more are always Going, Going, Gone!"
- former PB employee

Michael Bruce - Gone. Incompetent. Lead Purplebricks into the Sewer!

Vic Darvey - New Captain of the Titanic!

Is Purplebricks a Racist Company? Purplebricks’ National Sales Director, at a winter conference deemed it funny to dress up in a grass skirt and mock the indigenous New Zealand Maori war dance - the Haka.
Click here to read an agent’s comments.

Good News: PURPLEBRICKS SHUT DOWN AUSTRALIA OPERATIONS – May 7, 2019. Watch the dominos fall: I predict US, Canada, UK in that order. German market – who cares, too small to matter! Bruce brothers should be ashamed at ruining so many lives.

PurpleBricks Reviews

Breaking News!!! Leakey Ship Purplebricks is sinking fast...says a US ex-Purplebricks agent!

An ex-Purplebricks agent in the US wrote the following email to, "The Purplebricks Brokers of Record for CA, NV and AZ have given their resignations, and 3 more employees at headquarters gave their two-week notice.

There are rumors between agents of a mass exodus. The lawsuit against Purplebricks for alleged labor law violations, by former agents, has more agents on board. I believe that number will continue to rise."

My thanks to all who have written or called. We are making a difference in warning others of these scammers. The founders, Michael and Kenny Bruce, are just too incompetent to know how to do the right thing by me and many others for whom they have caused financial hardship.

Warning from a former Australian Realtor about Purplebricks!

Read more Australian Purple Bricks Reviews: Avoid PurpleBricks... is having an impact on Purplebricks! As of January 22, 2019, Purplebricks is making two significant changes in their USA policy. I have heard the repeated complaints of agents for four months and finally Purplebricks is making changes. Now, fees will only be charged if and when a home is sold. In the past sellers had to pay a commission/fee whether their house sold or not. Secondly, fees are being raised to a level that will allow agents to spend more time working on behalf of sellers instead of spending most of their time getting listings. So many agents and sellers should be really pleased with this change!

Now, why isn’t Purplebricks being fair to their agents and homeowners in the UK and Australia? If you are an agent in UK or Australia let me know what you think about this at

Purple Bricks Reviews

Michael (L) and Kenny (R) Bruce

Two Brits who are founders of Purplebricks appear to have created a company with a very suspect business model that has infuriated many customers and drawn rebuke and penalties from various regulatory agencies and watchdogs leading to a huge fine for misleading advertising. Some other investors include Neil Woodford, Paul Pindar, Errol Damelin, DN Capital. Key executives include David Shepherd, James R. Davies, Andrew Harris.

A current, full-time employee wrote
on October 14, 2018 on the following:

"Unbearable, unproductive and poisonous culture. The CEO and founder, Michael Bruce has lost the respect of employees, is not capable of running a business of this size and is damaging the business he founded. He buys staff loyalty with gifts and share options but behaves in an abusive manner most of the time resulting in a culture of fear and low morale."

In September of 2018, a TV advertisement by PurpleBricks caught my eye as Purplebricks was offering to sell my home for only $3600 in seller's commission. I called and soon a slick salesman was making his pitch. He had all the answers to my questions, even if his answers proved later to be false.

In fact, the $3600 seller's commission should more accurately be called a LOAN since you have to pay PurpleBricks $3600 even if they don't sell your house in six months, or if you want to cancel the listing of your home for the agent's non-performance. There are articles online that state Purplebricks then uses the contract with you to borrow money since the lender knows you must pay, or have a lien put on your house. In my opinion this is a SCAM and the tiny print disclosing this fact is buried in the paperwork.

Once you have signed the listing agreement, the agent has no incentive to sell your house. The agent gets paid regardless of whether they work hard to sell your home or not.

PurpleBricks Reviews: HORROR STORY OF THE WEEK

I signed my listing in September - more than three months ago. No open houses, no phone calls. No discussion about pricing. I want to cancel my listing with them, but they say I will still have to pay the $3600. I never expected to still be in my house at Christmas. And, I lost out on my dream home in my brother's city. I am almost in tears over this mess.

They should be called PurplePRICKS!! What word describes less than useless? My saleswoman has called to tell me there would be two different showings last Saturday and Sunday. I worked hard to make my house shine and then no one showed up - not even my saleswoman!! Now, I can't even reach her. What do I do now? Can you guys give me some names or numbers to call?

I am so sick of Purplebricks and their lazy-ass approach to selling my house. I have not had a reply from my saleslady for three weeks now. I have texted her, emailed her and left many messages. I found a manager's email and sent him an email and no response. How can I reach her? She works from her car. Purplebricks has no office. In the beginning she told me this is how they keep their commissions low, but I think it is a way to dodge their customers. I HATE Purplebricks.

My wife and I trusted the Purplebricks saleslady to sell our house for the best price possible. Once we signed the agreement on our computer, she never spoke to us again. We got one text. Nothing else after 3 weeks. She ignored our calls and emails. Then we learned she had left the company two weeks before. The replacement sales person left after 10 days. We wanted to cancel our agreement and Purplebricks expects us to pay $3,600 before they will cancel. Now I am paying an attorney. What a f..king mess! The stress is incredible. Avoid Purplebricks at all costs!

A Purplebricks customer wrote in an online review:

"Beware: 1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Aug 29, 2018

I was misled during the sign-up process where I was told I could pay my fee upon sale. The agent took me through the sign-up process and during this I was asked financial information (income etc) and when I asked why, he told me not to worry just part of the sign-up process. Again, I asked as it appeared I was filling out a credit application, I asked again what I was completing and again told not to worry just part of the sign-up process. I have since found out I completed a 12-month interest fee loan without my knowledge. Purple Bricks was unable to sell my property and left a loan (interest bearing) which I now need to payoff. When I explained to Purple Bricks that I was misled during the sign-up process I was told nothing they can do as the loan is with a 3rd party."

This ALLEGED, SCAM should be investigated by the Attorneys-General, and other watchdog authorities, in California, New York, Florida, Connecticut, Nevada, Arizona, and Canadian authorities starting with the Province of Ontario. I am sending a separate letter and information about my situation, and this consumer gripe site, to these authorities.

Am I pissed off? Damn rights I am. And, I want to warn others thinking about using Purplebricks to be careful. Educate yourself before signing a listing agreement!

Below you will see examples of the many, many people who had a horrible experience and feel victimized by Purplebricks.

Purple Bricks Reviews

GONE! Wondering Why?
Watch this space!

Eric Eckhardt

President Purplebricks USA - None of Mr. Eckhardt's public statements about customer service at Purplebricks have been true in the experience of myself and many other clients.

Eric Eckardt, the president of PurpleBricks USA wrote this: Purplebricks "is the leading next generation real estate brokerage, combining highly experienced and professional Local Real Estate Experts with an innovative and intuitive technology platform to make the entire process of selling and buying homes much more convenient, transparent and cost effective." Hah, what a joke!" Eckardt also made these strong statements in a promotional video sponsored by his company:

  1. A Purplebricks salesperson "would be available 24/7 to market my home." NOT TRUE! In fact, I only saw the agent at the listing appointment, for five minutes when the photographer came, and five minutes after an open house.

    At the end of the first week my home was listed on and for the whole weekend the salesman was unavailable (so he could take care of his children). No one else at Purplebricks would help a prospect see my house if a prospect visited's tour schedule. My available tour dates were completely blank for arguably the most important weekend!!!

  2. As a seller, I "would be notified immediately upon an offer being made" using Purplebricks' amazing technology. NOT TRUE! The only offer I received was by email. Eckardt's "innovative and intuitive technology platform" was NEVER USED to facilitate my transaction in any way at all.

    I would receive "reviews each time someone viewed my home, so I could get real feedback." NOT TRUE - NEVER HAPPENED!

  3. "Customer service is everything we do." And, the business model lets our agents, "focus exclusively on our clients." NOT TRUE! I wouldn't recognize my salesperson if I saw him again. I had so little interaction with him. In fact, when he did have an offer on my home which was good for 24-hours, I never saw him. Instead, he emailed the offer to me at 5 pm one day and promised to contact me in the morning. Never heard from him until 22 1/2 hours later, even though I tried to reach him several times throughout the day. Then there was a lot of pressure from him to accept the offer. In the end, I felt very pressured to accept an offer that was $32,000 less than he originally said he could get for my home. I was worn out by all of his arguing with me. I knew my blood pressure had become very high by the temperature of my face and lightheadedness. I was very upset and angry at what was happening. I could not think straight. I felt berated into agreeing to what he was texting me.

    On an earlier occasion, after I signed the listing agreement, I had asked our salesperson what kind of marketing he would be doing in addition to tv advertising. He replied, "Nothing, you just have to be patient and wait for buyers to see your house on the MLS and other sites like Zillow." So that's what you get for $3600. It has become clear, with the advantage of hindsight, that the salesman is paid to get listing agreements and then provides minimal service with an aggressive attitude.

    Yet, when I interviewed him during the listing appointment, he bragged, "I am such a good salesman that the founders of Purplebricks who personally interviewed me hired me on the I spot. I didn't even have to go through all the usual testing."

Purplebricks' Stock Price Sucks TOO!

Purplebricks' stock price could certainly use a boost as shown by the graph below. I am not an investment advisor but nothing about this chart should inspire an investor in my opinion.

Purple Bricks Reviews

Are Miserable Sales Agents Best for You?

As a homeowner you want to deal with a motivated salesperson. At Purplebricks many agents complain about the company culture. For example, Geoffrey Duncan, a former Purplebricks sales agent stated that at Purplebricks there is a "toxic culture of harassment, bullying and working people to the bone. It's a sweatshop...a continuous revolving door of disgruntled sales agents."

Finally admitted to the hospital with a breakdown, Mr. Duncan's manager turned up at his secure ward at the Neapan Hospital with a laptop wanting Mr. Duncan to contact his clients from his hospital bed. Suffering from a breakdown, Mr. Duncan said, "I thought he would come and visit me as a caring gesture, not expect me to work!"

Adding insult to injury, the manager alleged Mr. Duncan did not do his job and was not entitled to his earned commissions. Mr. Duncan stated it took him almost a year to get paid!

Purple Bricks Reviews: Horrific Stories from Agents Who Call Me!

Since launching this journalist, and former customer, has had more than 150 calls and emails from angry Purplebricks sales people or "local area experts."

A few extracts from those calls and emails (with minor editing for clarity) -

  • I worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week and did not have even one day off for almost a year. I don't mind working hard, but I could not even earn enough to pay my bills.
  • Agents from traditional brokerages don't want to deal with Purplebricks agents because they won't do their share of work. They see us as lazy, but we are just overwhelmed with pressure to get listings.
  • Management puts us in a really shitty position because they don't want us to do open houses, broker caravans, postcard mailings or industry luncheons. They just want us to get a listing and let someone else sell the property.
  • I got out before I lost my mind. I believe in treating my clients with a high fiduciary duty, but Purplebricks does not allow for that with their process. They say they do, but it's not true.
  • On one listing I took over, I was the fourth agent. All other previous agents had left the company. It's the homeowner who suffers. The house was on the market for five months and did not sell. The homeowner still has to pay the $3600!
  • The commissions are so low. Of the $3,600 listing fee the territory owner gets only $1.000 and he has to pay me $800. He is left with only $200. The $800 I was getting was pitiful after gas and other expenses like drycleaning, never mind paying taxes. I am always worried about money and not my clients. Prior to June 1 it was even worse. The territory manager got $600 and had to pay us a lousy $480 per listing. My territory manager was openly angry about being deceived by Purplebricks when he was recruited.
  • I had 15 listings and it was too many to service well. You just can't hold weekend open houses for everyone, so you start to make up stories why open houses are not necessary. I would do 3 or 4 open houses every Saturday and Sunday and still homeowners were not happy with me.
  • Management really sucks! They are kids with no experience. In my office Tom Kirk is only 27 years old and he oversees all brokers in the State of California. Tom was dropped into the position in May 2018 and doesn't even have a real estate license. I don't think he ever sold a house. It's a waste of time talking to him because he sounds like his mouth is full of marbles.
  • Emily Egerton, my California Regional Manager is only 26 years old and it shows. She is delusional and thinks she is some hotshot, ball-busting manager. Actually she is really immature and does things like organizing stupid contests to see who can get the most five-star reviews from customers. The best group of sales people get a free dinner and the person with the most five-star reviews gets a crummy bottle of champagne. Petty prizes for so much stress. Most of the five-star reviews on TrustPilot are basically fraudulent. We were told by Emily to get reviews from home sellers at the early stage, usually long before a sale took place. The pressure to get us to get reviews and the pressure we put on the home sellers to write them was boiler room style, not professional at all. Purplebricks is such a shady operation.

It is easy to find articles about ticked-off Purplebricks sales agents. An example -

"'Broke' Agents' Leaving in Droves"... 27 agents out of 105 left one Purplebricks territory between March and June 2018. - Source:

Three salespeople that left Purplebricks made the following on-the-record comments:

"There is a big difference between what (Purplebricks) promised us and what we achieved"

"I've sold 50 properties in 18 months and I'm broke."

"There is no money in it. Their business model is flawed."

In my opinion, Purplebricks' sales people have a duty to inform themselves properly about their financial prospects before obligating home sellers. This way they can ensure they are meeting their fiduciary and other responsibilities with respect to a home seller's financial interests. This is a LEGAL responsibility

While I can only go by the information I have been given by current and former Purplebricks agents, I can say that any doubt I had about my grievances about Purplebricks have been erased. My grievances have been clearly validated.

As an online journalist, my opinion is that home sellers should proceed with extreme caution before contracting with Purplebricks.


Shame on me. Unfortunately, I did not check online reviews before I got involved with this APPARENT SCAM. Last night, I searched for reviews online and really feel like a sucker for falling for the Purplebricks PITCH. Below are a few examples.

"Americans, Brits and Australians - Please send your horror stories about Purplebricks to and upon verification, your experience will be added to this consumer gripe site."

On AllAgents, a large review site for the property industry, PurpleBricks has a rating of:

1.2 out of a possible 5 stars from 142 reviews

This means of 142 reviews, 132 people gave Purplebricks a rating of one star and several mention they wish they could have given 0 stars.

Excerpts from some of these reviews are below:

"(Purplebricks) are absolutely rubbish. I would advise that you spend the extra money and go to another agent. After 4 months of empty promises we gave up with them. Went to another agent and sold the house within 4 weeks. We have now moved but have a bitter taste in our mouths as we still have to pay PURPLE BRICKS for a substandard service.", a major consumer complaint site, Purplebricks had these results:

151 Terrible, Bad or OK reviews out of a possible 371 reviews. Below are some sample from

quote1 (Purplebricks was) "after a quick cheap sale.

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Oct 01, 2018

$8k instead of $20k sounded too good to be true...because it was.

They valued our home $100k lower than anyone else so when we sold it for $120k more than they suggested, the extra commission was negligible."quote1

quote1"Waste of Time and Money

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 25, 2018

I had high hopes for Purple Bricks. Initially, all seemed organized and feasible.

I had my property listed with Purplebricks for 3 months and received 1 offer in the final 4 days ($50k under asking) with no discussion for a counter offer. I had 40 groups through my property overall and always had successfully attended opens. But we discovered the employee that ran the opens was not allowed to discuss offers, which really eliminated the purpose of the opens. So, our agent who never attended the opens was to follow up the attendee's which we had no proof he did.

Nether the less, I cancelled my contract with Purplebricks. They didn't care at all, and i never received a response from the state director with my concerns.

I hired a new agent and received and accepted an offer ($15k over asking= $65k more than PB) in the first 9 days.

Overall, a major waste of time and money, no negotiation skills, the Purplebricks 'Agents' are actually Territory managers selling Purplebricks, not agents hungry to sell your property."quote2

quote1"Absolutely the worst

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 20, 2018

I was looking to buy my first home and saw a unit listed with Purplebricks. As there were no open house times I put in a request to view the property on the weekend. It got to the day before and I had no response so I called them and the lady I spoke to gave me a phone number she said belonged to the agent... it was the homeowner's (extremely awkward). He gave me the agent's number and the agent said he'd organize a time for me to see the property. I followed up a few times but never got a return call. My mum ended up calling because it was hard to keep finding time during my work day. The agent picked up and was very rude to her when she asked why he hadn't gotten back to me.

Soon after that I saw there was a open house time listed on (though the agent still hadn't contacted me). I decided to go because I did like the look of the unit. The agent was late and the tenants stayed in the unit for the open house (in their pjs, watching tv). It was very uncomfortable."quote1

quote1"Incompetent, unprofessional and a con artist.

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 18, 2018

Worst decision of my life listing our property with Purplebricks. The local "property expert" was out of touch with the current market. She over-priced our house and let it sit on the market for 6 months, she never suggested a price drop or any constructive advice. As far as I could see she didn't do anything behind the scenes.

She was incompetent, so much so that she suggested an open house at 3:30pm on a Wednesday.. sounds plausible, right? Not when our house is across the road from a school!!!!

Most agents know how important it is to show a home when the street is not busy and at its quietest but not Purple Bricks LOL the whole company is a joke.


quote1"Buying a house from purplePRICKS aka purplebricks

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 14, 2018

I'm absolutely disgusted in the way they treated us. They said we had bought the house and everything was going smoothly. They lied about us signing a contract. Film everything you do with them or record it. They are a joke. The manger is a joke. The entire company is a joke.

The house we wanted to buy was on sale for over a year with over 6 purple bricks agents trying to sell it. It's not right what they do to the customers and the seller. Pay for a proper agent. It's not worth paying these people for anything."quote1

quote1"Fees Paid But No Listing . . .

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 14, 2018

"after waiting 2 & 1/2 months of never getting the property listed for sale (well let's just say you can't sell a property if it is never listed for sale) I thought I was scammed and lost my money. It took several phone calls and a couple of emails and threat of going to the police - but have been told verbally that the fees have been returned. We have now parted our ways. . . By the time our property gets listed (with another agent) we will be 3 months behind the ball."quote1

quote1"Don't trust them!

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 13, 2018

The agent was the worst I've ever dealt with! He asked me to withdraw my online offer before I'd been given the opportunity to negotiate. I put in a complaint. Then the agent telephoned (twice!) to reprimand me for putting in an offer $25000 under the asking price! Worst customer service as well, they just wanted to defend the agent's bad behavior! I own several properties and buy and sell regularly but have never had such a bad experience. I would NEVER use Purplebricks.

I found Purple Bricks prefers phone conversations to written email contact - so you just do not have any verification to your complaints. I even have to take their word that the funds have been refunded as I have not received anything in writing to confirm this . . . No I will never use Purplebricks again."quote1

quote1"Not worth a star

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 11, 2018

From the start very unprofessional, terrible communication and no care to remember any details with the property. became abusive when we pointed out we have answered the same questions over and over. Even down to the end not communicating with the lawyers till after settlement which should have been done weeks prior. Doesn't matter how much money you save it's not worth being treated the way me and my partner were. Did not pass information on to buyers that we informed them off before the paper work was signed. Never go through purple bricks even when contacted their head office they had the same attitude and ended up yelling at us."quote1


1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 09, 2018

Had 2 men from Purplebricks out to do an evaluation. We were told if they don't get an offer between the price range they suggest within the 120 day time frame then I don't have to pay.... Problem being is the figure they came back with was 40k + below the average market price for our area.....of course they would get offers at this price meaning they are paid regardless of if they sold your house or not. We ended up going with a traditional agent and sold within a week near our asking price."quote1

quote1"Awful company, stay away

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 04, 2018

Had an appointment booked with the agent for an appraisal. Took the day off from work but he never showed up or bothered cancelling. Wouldn't trust someone like that to sell lemonade, much less my house..."quote1

quote1"Damn Joke

1 out of a possible 5 stars, reviewed on Sep 03, 2018

Agent was extremely rude. Called the head office and was told I could not make a complaint. What a joke! Would never ever buy or sell through Purplebricks. All the positive reviews must be done internally. There's no way anyone who rate this crap company anything more than 1 star! Ridiculous!"quote1

More Purple Bricks Reviews:

On, a San Francisco company started in part with grants from the National Science Foundation, with 2.5 million visitors a month, Purplebricks had an average rating of:

1.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

On, one home seller wrote:

"After experiencing a nightmare quagmire of unprofessionalism and ineptness using Purplebricks, we decided to do a 180 and seek out the most well-respected realtor in Riverside to sell our unique, high-end mid-century modern home. It has been just a little over a month since we made the call to (redacted) and today we are sitting here with the proceeds of our full asking price in the bank and a new owner is happily ensconced in our former home.

I can only compare (redacted)'s expertise, knowledge of the area, and his overall skillfully efficient manner in handling all aspects of the sale to that of the smarmy, pushy, almost clueless behavior of the Purplebricks agent we were assigned to DAY and NIGHT."

On Google, Steven Pan, the most recent reviewer awarded one star out of a possible 5 stars and wrote:

"Horrible company online system to deal with. This company sends you one to two emails every day to harass you. Dark future for this company."

Trusting Reviews on Trust Pilot

Purplebricks will tell you to check their great reviews on However, there is a great deal of controversy online about the validity of these reviews. This controversy is detailed in the body and footnotes in the well-respected Wikipedia.

On Purplebricks' Australian website, they show they have 2,530 independent reviews of the service on Trust Pilot, with a five-star rating. Their UK site shows over 44,000 positive reviews.

However, the company has come under scrutiny from some industry commentators in the UK for manipulating their reviews and suggest that people look around at their UK Facebook Inreviews to get a more balanced view of the seller.

Product Review Australia reflects a 3.2 star rating from over 200 reviews. A recent search of their Facebook pages in both the UK and Australia shows that their review section has been removed and replaced with the Trust Pilot reviews.

Purplebricks Regulatory Problems

"In 2016, Purplebricks was told by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that it must stop telling customers that they could save an average of ($5500USD) by using the company, as this could prove misleading.The claim was Purplebricks's sixth claim to be banned by the ASA in the last 18 months."


"Online estate agent Purplebricks has apologised after it was revealed by a BBC documentary to be repeating claims that the advertising watchdog had previously ruled as misleading.

The BBC revelations sent the estate agent's share price falling by 7% the next day, before a slight recovery later in the day.

In another case,Purplebricks was fined $20,000 by an Australian consumer watchdog."In March 2018, the Office of Fair Trading Queensland ordered Purple Bricks to pay a $20,000 penalty for engaging in false and misleading information regarding their advertising fees after customer complaints. ...The watchdog determined that the company had also "failed to fulfil some of its regulatory obligations about the use of appropriate accounts software."

But the BBC Watchdog program found that the group had been repeating the claim in promotional emails.

In a statement issued to the stock market on Purplebricks said the broadcaster had "drawn attention to examples of a standard email format that inadvertently still included the savings figure."

"Purplebricks also faced allegations over exaggerated sales figures and its deferred payment services."

And, the punchline to this disaster of a company is that if you have a complaint about Purplebricks service in the USA Purplebricks has a THREE-page (printed) complaint process to follow. There are 11 steps in all. Many people probably need to hire an attorney to understand the steps. Obviously, it is a system intended to defeat your desire to complain about Purplebricks' service.

"Americans, Brits, and Australians - Please send your horror stories about Purplebricks to and upon verification, your Purple Bricks Reviews will be added to this consumer gripe site."

And, don't get me started on why Purplebricks selected a title company in Florida to complete my transaction while my home is in California. Kickbacks, secret commissions? I'll post what I find out on this site.

Join me in letting other consumers know how bad Purplebricks can be! Hopefully, if Purplebricks is a company led by people with good intentions, they will take heed and make changes.

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