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Read the personal experience of a Purplebricks local property expert.

Dear Publisher:

I worked at Purplebricks as a local property expert from October 2017 to December 2018 and in that time I have never been so over worked for as little pay. The job is 24/7 days a week. If you get a call from a client you can be as sick as a dog or about to get married, they do not care - if you don't answer, head office will come down on you like a ton of bricks. In September 2018 I sadly lost my grandfather, a man who had raised me and I saw him as more of a father - I continued to work whilst grieving and made two small administrative errors in processing the adverts - Purplebricks docked my entire pay for those two properties I had put so much work into marketing. The entire fee. So not only was I emotionally "on the ropes" but Purplebricks did their level best to make sure I was punished financially too for a basic but correctable error made whilst grieving for one of the most important people in my life.

My decision to leave was cemented in November when I attended the winter conference and the National Sales Director deemed it funny to dress up in a grass skirt and mock the indigenous New Zealand Maori war dance - the Haka. My wife, who grew up in New Zealand was horrified when I told her that some fat director had mocked an important part of her cultural identity for a few cheap laughs. Iím happy to provide photos upon request - I took a few, I was that horrified.

I feel genuinely sorry for the people who are still there, there are some really quality agents still plugging away but the reality is they have been sold a pack of lies - promised share options never materialised, management - whilst initially supportive, became more concerned with circling their own wagons and the mood there now is just miserable.

Good luck in your endeavours to shed a bit of light on this company's activities. I would appreciate that my name be redacted should this email be posted to your website.

Name withheld by request.