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Tom "TeeJ" Kirk: This boy's face is the look of ego at another's stress and expense! One wonders if mummy and daddy are proud of their little boy.

Which Purplebricks Employee Drives This Car?

Home sellers should consider the ethics and morality of the people who want to get a listing.

Multiple pissed off employees have sent photos of cars driven by PB bigshots.

This may be the worst case of management living like ostentatious wallowing pigs while some salespeople are borrowing to pay their bills. Tom Kirk, California State Director, also known as TeeJ Kirk, or “marblemouth”, decided to get a vanity plate for his car to reflect his oversize ego. Tom will learn that treating your clients and employees like shit so you can live like a fat-cat will be a temporary high. A life of excess is a life of weakness and devoid of meaning.

Reports from PB employees are that Tom’s salary is $160,000 year plus a $75,000 bonus. Thanks Tom for being part of PB which cost this journalist $62,000 and many other sellers much more! Click here to see an email from a former PB salesperson.

Dear Publisher of

You may find this interesting.

Tom Kirk aka TeeJ Kirk, is in his mid-twenties and was brought from the UK last year to help the "growing" California Market, not knowing a thing about the US or California markets.

It was brought to my attention that his salary exceeds $160K a year with a $75K Bonus, plus the Bruce Brothers bought him a Corvette with the vanity place "US Tee J" (see attached photo.)

Purplebricks agents are forced to either borrow money from the company or pull from their savings just to keep the lights on, while being fed lies and corporate shoving their lavish lifestyles in their faces as fabricated hope for the future.

Tom Kirk and Emily Egerton, the California State and Regional Director for Southern California, respectively, are now both working as "Licensed Real Estate Experts" and both have an active listing each in the South Orange County Area. (PBS Question: Is it fair for management be competing with salespeople for listings?)

As agents continue to leave, corporate is having to fill in. At least this might show some of the corporate employees how much work a single transaction is, and how little the compensation is.

"Name redacted by request"