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Attention: Purplebricks' Local Property Experts and employees!!

Did you know that while you are stressing out working for $800 per listing that Kenny Bruce is living like a pompous, narcissistic KING?

While you are dealing with angry homeowners, self-absorbed Kenny bought a racehorse called Purple Dragon. I could probably drag a sack of purple bricks around a racetrack faster than Kenny's nag. Racing Post reports that lifetime winnings up to December 31, 2018, are a pitiful 1500 British Pounds (about $1900 USD). Never a real win for Kenny's nag!

To keep his bigshot image, Kenny pays to have Purple Dragon taken all over the UK hoping for a win. Purple Drag usually falls apart in the last furlong. Who spends so much money for a horse that rarely sees anything but the asses of the horses ahead?

Not one to have his ego beaten up by a slow horse, Kenny is also spending millions of dollars on a football (soccer) club in Northern Ireland in his tiny hometown. This is money that you as LPE's are making for Kenny. Yet, I am told by many LPE's that they cannot pay their bills on the chump change they are paid for working long hours.

Kenny likes to have his ego massaged by the people of Northern Ireland where he grew up. He has sunk millions into Larne Football Club buying players from all over Ireland and England, and yet the team still stinks! In the recent past some games had only 50 fans!

Not happy with owning a team, Kenny spent millions to buy a stadium called Inver Club. Money that he could have shared with LPE's

And to impress his mummy, he built a fancy suite for his family and friends and named it Agnew Suite. His mother, maiden name Agnew, was celebrating at the grand opening.

Oh, by the way, Kenny also sponsored a new boat for the local rowing club and has made contributions to the event space Music Yard in his home town.

This all makes me sick to think of Kenny, Mr. Big Shot, spending money to get accolades and adoration from his family and friends. It also makes me sick when I think of all the nice, hard-working LPE's who have called me to complain about the pittance they are paid for working long hours. I have heard many stories, from the UK, Australia and the US, of not being able to pay bills, family break-ups, unhappy homeowners who don't receive the attention they expect, and ripped-off homeowners who must pay a commission even though their home does not sell.

Finally, did you know that Kenny and Michael Bruce received US $20 million from the sale of some of their stock while you LPE's were still being paid a crummy $480 per listing? I want to gag! If I were an LPE, I would quit tomorrow and go to work with an honorable company rather than put up with Kenny and Bruce's shit.