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Hi John,

During my time at UK Purplebricks head office I have been keeping an eye on your website for updates and alike. And I'm emailing you to make you aware of a few things.

Here in Purplebricks HQ UK is being ran by a team who aren't estate agents and have barely any experience of estate agency. The management team are forever in meetings and refuse to speak to customers when an issue has arisen but simply say you speak to the customer and tell them our complaints procedure. Which we say we will get back to them within 5 days but rarely we do. And if you ask a leader for help my favourite response was.. "you're not in my team so aren't my responsibility, go an speak to someone else that cares."

Other people in the management team have been known to take copious amounts of cocaine on the LPE signing off do's and shower each other in bottles of Champagne and also at the conferences where baggies of coke are rife in the toilets.

Head office decided to change all of the staff's commission structure just as Michael Bruce left. Yes, we get paid commission on every instruction we get that we arranged. They decided to half my team's commission structure whilst everyone else's points were double even though my role involved speaking to 6 people at the same time via Live Chat and the other roles involve speaking to one person only.

One particular senior manager, Mr. (redacted) had his driving license taken off him due to the amount of speeding tickets and yet Kenny and Michael Bruce still allowed him to drive to work in a company lease car.

Purplebricks have now fired me due to another member of the team saying homophobic comments and offering me out for a fight whilst I was sat in my seat. And I was in the wrong for getting irate with him after he kept walking towards me to intimidate me. They fired me because I was highlighting the awful management and goings on in head office to the senior management and for that reason they got me out before I could get anymore of the rubbish staff called out.

If you have any other questions or wish for me to elaborate on anything feel free to get in touch, I would be more than happy to inform you with further information.