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Hi John,

Nice job shining a light on the corrupt Bruce brothers. I wanted to share more insights on the US. I'm an employee getting ready to resign working in Irvine, CA.

  1. Tom Kirk, Andy Vass, and Stephany Walker (Andy's fiancÚ is Stephanie) were all given severance packages last week and told to head back to the UK. We have no confidence in our job security. This group were very close friends to the Bruce brothers.
  2. No one has confidence in the team or their business model. Everyone is preparing to leave or have exited already. There is no morale now in the office. Phil Felice is a glorified call center sales manager they made interim CEO as no one was left in the building after most people exited given the toxic Bruce environment. No one believes anything Phil says when he comes to the CA office from NJ cheering. He seems to like his new title but doesn't realize he has lost our team.
  3. Michael and Kenny Bruce were toxic then they were here, always in the office pushing things their way with their unethical behavior. It's about time the Board moved them out. All my colleagues have left the company. Kenny Bruce, who left in middle of the night even had his UK retired in-laws, Colin and Jenny Hough on payroll for well over a year while they watched his child in CA. The company paid all their expenses and they barely showed up. Andrew Harris, another UK transplant had his fiancÚ working in escrow and his son shipped over from Australia. Total nepotism.
  4. No one in the US every made any money from stock they were given. It was all designed so the Bruce brothers and friends could make money at the expense of all the loyal employees and so they could party in the US living like rock stars.
  5. Vic Darvey, now the global CEO came to the US a few weeks ago as part of their strategic review (whatever that means) with the UK CFO and they never spoke to our team or anyone on the floor. He was cold was behind closed doors with select people. We have no confidence in him or the remaining US team.
  6. The escrow division on our floor, called Centerpoint Closings is always making mistakes and half the team is gone. Probably preparing for a US exit?
  7. FL, NV &AZ, and CA brokers of records ALL EXITED in the last 30-days with local regional leaders leaving too.
  8. FL is down to less than 5 agents, CA agents reduced by 50% and AZ/NV is basically shut down. NY team is down 50% in agent count and marketing has been stopped in all markets until the announcement in July. Our incoming call volume from sellers is near zero. All signs from what we see point to closing down. Even if they keep LA going, there is no one around. Maybe our office building doorman can be the US CMO and I could be pulled in from the floor to be US Chairman now? We are as qualified as anyone else they put into a job here.

I used to believe in this company, and it all changed. So disappointed! At least I don't have to see the unqualified arrogant UK transplants with their sport cars show up on occasion at the office while I, as a woman have to park across the street in the darkly lit public parking garage.

Goodbye and good riddance Purplebricks.